Realtime AI Application on Mobile Devices

Wei Niu also designed several interesting real-time AI-applications on mobile devices based on his research, here are some examples:

More video information can be found on our Youtube channel or Bilibili Channel.

Selected Publications

* means equal contribution

PLDI'21 DNNFusion: Accelerating Deep Neural Networks Execution with Advanced Operator Fusion

CVPR'21 NPAS: A Compiler-aware Framework of Unified Network Pruning and Architecture Search for Beyond Real-Time Mobile Acceleration

DAC'21 Neural Pruning Search for Real-Time Object Detection of Autonomous Vehicles

ASP-DAC'21 Real-Time Mobile Acceleration of DNNs: From Computer Vision to Medical Applications

AAAI'21 Achieving Real-Time Execution of 3D Convolutional Neural Networks on Mobile Devices

AAAI'21 YOLObile: Real-Time Object Detection on Mobile Devices via Compression-Compilation Co-Design

CACM'21 CoCoPIE: Making Mobile AI Sweet as PIE - Compression-Compilation Co-Design Goes a Long Way

ECCV'20 An Image Enhancing Pattern-based Sparsity for Real-Time Inference on Mobile Devices

GLSVLSI'20 A Privacy-Preserving-Oriented DNN Pruning and Mobile Acceleration Framework

DAC'20 RTMobile: Beyond Real-Time Mobile Acceleration of RNNs for Speech Recognition

AAAI'20 PCONV: The Missing but Desirable Sparsity in DNN Weight Pruning for Real-time Execution on Mobile Devices

ASPLOS'20 PatDNN: Achieving Real-Time DNN Execution on Mobile Devices with Pattern-based Weight Pruning